Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q What is Hino Australia?

    Hino Australia offers a complete range of next-generation light, medium and heavy-duty transport solutions to suit every business. All Hino products are built on the time-honoured principles of Quality, Durability and Reliability, whilst harnessing the latest technology for a more sustainable future. As you would expect from a Toyota-affiliated company, Hino continues to set the standards for safety, performance, efficiency and comfort. With over 80 years of design experience globally, and over 55 years locally, you can count on Hino as your long-term business partner.

  • Q What is the Hino Advantage?

    Hino Advantage is all about you. It’s the total support customer care program
    designed to keep your business driving ahead. Now you can profit from solutions that allow you to budget ahead, minimise costly downtime and maximise uptime. Benefit from a range of support solutions that increase your operational efficiencies, productivity, and profitability.

  • Q What type of trucks does Hino Australia produce?

    Hino Australia offers a complete range of next-generation light, medium and heavy-duty transport solutions to suit every business, including Australia’s only Hybrid electric light-duty truck. Visit our “Range” section on our website to view the complete vehicle range and specifications.

  • Q What makes Hino trucks stand out from the competition?

    Hino trucks are known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, advanced safety features and innovative technology. Hino is also the only Japanese manufacturer to offer true automatic transmission options across the 4x2 model range, in addition to offering Australia’s only Hybrid Electric light-duty truck.

  • Q How can I arrange a test drive?

    To arrange a test drive, come and see us at our dealership, give our team a call or book a test drive online.

  • Q Do Hino trucks come with warranties?

    Yes, 5 years warranty is standard across the entire 300 Series 4x2 model range.
    500 and 700 Series models come with a 3-year warranty with an option to purchase a 5-year extended warranty and 5 years Hino Roadside Assist.

    Purchase your Hino Genuine Parts or Accessories and have them fitted by an authorised Hino dealer and you’ll receive a 3-year unlimited kilometre warranty. This applies to both the parts and labour, which makes brilliant business sense regardless of whether you operate one Hino truck or an entire fleet.

  • Q Are there Financing options available for Hino trucks?

    Yes, we offer financing and leasing options to help you acquire the Hino truck that best suits your business needs. Visit the “Finance” section of our website for more information or give us a call to speak to our Finance Manager.

  • Q Do you offer environmentally friendly truck options?

    Yes, Hino is committed to sustainability. We offer Australia’s only Hybrid Electric light-duty truck designed to reduce emissions and lower your environmental impact. Visit the “Range” section of our website to learn more about the Hino Hybrid Electric.

  • Q Where can I get my Hino serviced?

    Get your Hino serviced at over 60 Hino dealerships and service centre locations around the country.

    No one knows your Hino better than our highly trained Hino service technicians who go through a comprehensive induction program and are mentored by highly skilled trainers and industry professionals.

    Book your service online or give our service team a call.

  • Q Does Hino offer Capped Price Servicing?

    Yes, Hino offers Capped Price Service across the entire range. Use our Capped Price Service calculator on our website to find out how much you will pay to service your Hino Euro 5 onwards truck with any of our participating Hino service centres.

    Along with Capped price Brake & Clutch Replacements, Service Agreements, 5 years extended warranty and Hino Roadside Assist as part of the wider Hino Advantage suite of business-building services, you can rest assured knowing your Hino is operating to its optimum capability.

  • Q Why should I buy Hino Genuine?

    Insist on the best and give your business a real Advantage. Chassis, engine, the whole truck...Hino takes pride in building it all to last, so naturally we apply the same rigorous policy to Hino Genuine Parts. Every single one has been designed, calibrated and engineered to meet original manufacturing standards and will fit first time, every time, providing you with the reassurance of knowing your truck will never let you down, no matter what conditions you put it through. And if you get your parts fitted by an authorised Hino dealer, you're fully covered for parts and labour for three years*, regardless of how far you travel.

    *The 3 year / unlimited kilometre warranty applies to defects in workmanship and materials only, and does not cover fair wear or tear of the part / accessory. The 1 year / 100,000 kilometre warranty applies to defects in materials only, and does not cover defects in workmanship or fair wear or tear of the part / accessory. If the genuine Hino part or accessory is modified in any way, any Hino warranty that may have been applicable to that genuine Hino part or accessory, including but not limited to the 3 year / unlimited kilometre warranty and the 1 year / 100,000 kilometre warranty is voided.

  • Q Does Hino offer Roadside Assist?

    The 24/7 support you need whenever and wherever bad luck strikes. Complementary with every new Hino purchase, Hino Roadside Assist is dedicated to getting your truck and business on the road, fast. Drive away knowing your covered for the standard warranty period of your vehicle.

  • Q What is Hino-Connect?

    Hino-Connect is a business telematics system that combines key performance data tracking in real-time, remote diagnosis of vehicle faults and 24/7 alerts delivered to you and your Hino-Connect specialist for enhanced repair and service support. It is the total business intelligence solution for your Hino Fleet designed to reduce costs, optimise driver and vehicle performance, improve safety, and help you make informed decisions. Visit the “Hino-Connect” section on our website for more information.