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The Hino 300 Series

Built for safety. Ready for anything.

The Hino 300 Series set the safety, performance and efficiency benchmark of what Australian customers should expect from a light-duty truck. Delivering enhanced levels of cab comfort, interior ergonomics and innovative technology, it’s built for anything.

Featuring Hino SmartSafe, a comprehensive safety package with advanced driver-assist technology that takes an active focus in protecting the lives of all road users. It comes standard with the Hino 300 Series.

Hino is also the only Japanese manufacturer to offer true automatic transmission options across the 4x2 model range. In addition to offering Australia’s only Hybrid Electric truck with the range now expanded to include Built to Go Trays, you can start saving money from day one.

For extra peace of mind, 5 Years Warranty and 5 Years Roadside Assist is now standard across the entire 300 Series 4x2 model range.



Safety continues to be a central design principle of all Hino trucks, and the Hino 300 Series is no different. Featuring Hino SmartSafe, a comprehensive safety package† with advanced driver-assist technology that takes an active focus in protecting the lives of all road users. These advanced safety features are engineered as standard inclusions, not optional extras.

Hino SmartSafe
Safety Features

Pre-Collision System

If PCS detects the possibility of a collision with a vehicle in front, using radar and image sensors, it will warn you to apply the brakes. If you don’t respond, the truck can brake autonomously.

Safety Features

Pedestrian Detection

If PCS detects a pedestrian in front and senses the possibility of a collision it will warn you. If you don’t respond, the truck can brake autonomously.

Safety Features

Lane Departure Warning System

The LDWS uses the PCS camera, and can provide the driver with both audible and visual cues if the truck is deviating from its lane without the turn indicators being engaged by the driver.

Safety Features 2

Vehicle Stability Control

VSC is designed to help drivers maintain vehicle control and help prevent the truck from rolling over or sliding when entering or exiting a corner too fast.

Safety Features

Reverse Camera

Offers wide view, high definition vision, along with infrared night vision. Includes a microphone with volume control which allows the driver to hear their surroundings.

Safety Features

Daytime Running Lamps

DRL’s are designed to highlight the truck’s presence to other road users and run any time the truck headlamps are not being operated. Boasting enhanced aesthetics as well as safety.



Equipped with a range of drivelines including 4 and 5 litre common-rail turbo diesel engines, which not only meet Euro 5 and EEV emissions standards but deliver an ideal combination of power and efficiency. Hino continues to be the only Japanese truck manufacturer to offer the advantage of a true automatic transmission across the 4x2 model range.

Performance Features


The engine line-up starts with the N04C, producing up to 150hp and 420Nm and continues all the way to the J05E found in the 721 and 921 models, producing up to 205hp and 600Nm.

Performance Features

Automatic Transmission

True automatic transmissions are available across the range, offering no torque interruptions between gear shifts, smooth driveability and lower whole of life costs.

Performance Features

Manual Transmission

Drivers who still prefer a manual transmission, for Standard Cab there is a Hino five-speed manual gearbox and for Wide Cab 4L models a Hino six-speed manual gearbox is available.

Hybrid Electric Driveline



Powered by the N04C four cylinder engine and the electric motor, the hybrid driveline delivers a combined 150hp and 470Nm of torque from a very low 1200RPM.

Emissions Standards

Emissions Standards

Meeting Euro 6 emissions standards through the exhaust gas after-treatment unit which contains a Diesel Particulate Reduction system and Selective Catalytic Reduction system.

Automated Transmission

Automated Transmission

The six-speed automated transmission is coupled directly to the electric motor, which assists with quicker and smoother gear shifts.

Comfort and Technology


Designed for purpose, advanced ergonomics have been applied throughout for a high degree of comfort. Innovative features maximise efficiency and driver enjoyment, resulting in a workspace you want to be in.

Comfort and Tech
Comfort Features

Multimedia Unit

10.1" high definition capacitive touch screen, capable of connecting up to 6 multi-position cameras, with AM/FM and DAB+ digital radio, Bluetooth and wireless mobile phone connectivity.

Comfort Features


Superior levels of interior ergonomics have been designed with the driver in mind. Improved dash layout, ample storage, new steering wheel controls and enhanced driver comfort.

Comfort Features


Easily tilt and reposition the steering wheel for optimum driver comfort. The telescopic steering column is designed with an energy absorbing steering wheel to protect the driver.

Comfort Features

Driver's Seat

All models are fitted with an ergonomically designed fully adjustable driver’s seat for maximum comfort. All Wide cab models include a suspended driver’s seat.


4X2 CAR / LR 616 STD MAN 4.5 / 5.5 GVM + 3.5 150 / 420 2.5
616 STD AT 8.0 150 / 420 2.5 ~ 3.4
616 STD HYBRID AMT GVM + 3.5 150 / 470 3.4
616 WIDE AT 8.0 150 / 420 2.8 ~ 3.9
616 WIDE CREW AT 8.0 150 / 420 3.9
616 WIDE HYBRID AMT GVM + 3.5 150 / 470 3.4
617 WIDE MAN GVM + 3.5 165 / 464 2.8 ~ 3.4
617 WIDE CREW MAN GVM + 3.5 165 / 464 3.9
716 WIDE HYBRID AMT 4.5 / 6.5 GVM + 3.5

150 / 470

716 WIDE AT 6.5 / 4.5 8.0 150 / 420 3.4 ~ 3.9
716 WIDE CREW AT 8.0 150 / 420 4.2
717 WIDE MAN GVM + 3.5 165 / 464 3.4 ~ 3.9
717 WIDE CREW MAN 6.5 GVM + 3.5 165 / 464 4.2
721 WIDE AT 6.5 / 4.5 GVM + 3.5 205 / 600 3.5 ~ 3.9
721 WIDE CREW AT 6.5 GVM + 3.5 205 / 600 4.4
816 WIDE AT 8.0 / 4.5 8.0 150 / 420 3.4 ~ 3.9
816 WIDE CREW AT 8.0 8.0 150 / 420 4.2
LR / MR 916 WIDE HYBRID AMT 8.0 / 8.5 GVM + 3.5 150 / 470 3.9
917 WIDE MAN GVM + 3.5 165 / 464 3.4 ~ 4.2
917 WIDE CREW MAN GVM + 3.5 165 / 464 4.2
CAR ~ MR 921 WIDE AT 8.5 / 8.0 / 4.5 GVM + 3.5 205 / 600 3.5 ~ 4.4
921 WIDE CREW AT 8.5 / 8.0 GVM + 3.5 205 / 600 4.4
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Turn to Hino Genuine Accessories to enhance your truck’s appearance. Only Hino Genuine Accessories are designed, calibrated and engineered to fit perfectly, first time every time, and perform effortlessly over the long haul. Whether you want the full protection of a bullbar, the surety of a navigation package or the comfort of sheepskin seat covers, you want Hino Genuine Accessories. All backed by a 3 Years Unlimited Kilometre Accessories Warranty^ when fitted by an authorised Hino dealer.

Why Hino?

More support, more solutions, more value with Hino Advantage.

Offering a range of business solutions that aim to reduce costs over the life of the vehicle by allowing you to budget ahead, increase your operational efficiencies and be on the road longer with Hino Advantage.

Why Hino?

Capped Price Service

We were the first truck manufacturer to offer Capped Price Service* on all Euro 5 models onwards, so you can now control your operating costs and plan ahead.

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Why Hino?

Hino Financial Services

When it comes to financing your next truck, Hino Financial Services provides a real advantage with a great range of flexible finance options backed by the strength of Toyota Finance.

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Why Hino?

24/7 Roadside Assist

We’re driven to do more for you with 5 years free roadside assist with 24/7 support when you take delivery of your new Hino.

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Active safety systems are an aid to assist the driver and have performance limitations. The image used is for representation purposes only and actual product may vary. Please refer to owner’s manual for system operations and functionality.

*Service offer applies to all Euro 5 models onwards and available only at participating Hino dealerships. These rates are capped until 31 December 2022. On or before 31 December each year, Hino Australia will publish on www.hino.com.au the maximum price for a specified Scheduled Service that will be applicable from, and remain capped for, the following calendar year only. For details on pricing, items not included in the Service Price and for full terms and conditions click here.

^The 3 year / unlimited kilometre warranty applies to defects in workmanship and materials only, and does not cover fair wear or tear of the part / accessory. If the genuine Hino part or accessory is modified in any way, any Hino warranty that may have been applicable to that genuine Hino part or accessory, including but not limited to the 3 year / unlimited kilometre warranty is voided.

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